Hunting, shooting and fishing opportunities in Dumfries and Galloway

Galloway has some of the best fishing rivers in Britain and Barrhill Farm Cottages offer the perfect base from which to explore them.

Nearby are the Rivers Cree, Bladnoch and Tarff.

The River Cree

  • The Cree is best known for its grilse run and summer salmon. 
  • The Water of Minnoch in the upper part of the catchment holds a good head of fresh fish throughout the season and is the final destination of springers.
  • Sea trout fishing is generally confined to the lower river, with fish mostly entering the system around May/June. 
  • The Penkiln Burn, although small in size, offers exciting fishing for skilled sea trout and salmon anglers.
  • The Palnure Burn also holds good numbers of sea trout and some salmon.
  • Brown trout fishing tends to be confined to areas of the High Cree. 

The Bladnoch and Tarff

  • The Bladnoch and Tarff hold both game and coarse fish, but the rivers are best known for their spring salmon. 
  • The Bladnoch is one of only a few west coast rivers that retains its spring run. Spring salmon can be caught from the start of the season, but catches tend to pick up from March onwards. Summer salmon of up to 10lb are taken each year, but the main fishing takes place during the grilse run which begins around June and continues to the end of the season.
  • The river is renowned for its brown trout throughout the south-west and impressive wild brownies of up to 5lb can be taken in the mid-river beats, although there are also larger trout (6lb+) taken in fish traps for broodstock each year. Sea trout are only occasionally caught. Coarse fish that are present in the river include pike, perch and roach. Angling pressure on these species has traditionally been low, but sizeable individuals can be caught quite readily in some parts of the river system.
  • Double figure pike are regularly taken on the main Bladnoch, especially in the areas around Dalreagle and Torhousekie.

Galloway is also the perfect location for countryside sports with deer hunting and stalking, gamebird and waterfowl shoots available locally. Please contact us for details.

The seasons are:

  • Red Deer Stags - July 1 to October 20
  • Red Deer Hinds - October 21 to Feb 15
  • Roe Deer Bucks - April 1 to October 20
  • Roe Deer Does - October 21 to March 31
  • Grouse - August 12 to December 10
  • Pheasant - October 1 to January 31
  • Partridge - September 1 to January 31
  • Geese - September 1 to January 31
  • Rabbit - October to March

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